From Brazil to NYC: Tech Career & Life as a Software Engineer

Welcome, everyone! I've launched this platform to offer insights into my daily life. I'm Arthur, a Brazilian Software Engineer now based in New York City for over a year. Through my posts, I'll tell you about my journey, delving a into the immigrant experience, differences in job interviews between Brazil and the U.S., and sharing valuable insights into software engineering, including system design, architecture, and best practices.

Lately, my focus has been on honing my skills in algorithms and data structures while navigating job interviews in the U.S. This journey has taught me valuable lessons in time management and productivity.

Additionally, I'd like to recommend some websites I frequently use for practice: - Offers a comprehensive roadmap. - The LeetCode Explorer course serves as an excellent guide for choosing relevant courses. - Provides insights into time complexity. - An excellent resource for learning about information security. - A valuable system design reference. - Insights into design patterns.

Stay tuned for more updates!